Our Founder

Allison Dowdy, the founder of X Organic Beauty

Allison Dowdy is currently a healthy living encourager on multiple social media platforms and a former medical professional operating as radiologic technologist. Her passion for medicine and healthy living has been a huge part of her life since childhood having been firmly established by her parents. She married to her soul mate, Dr. Paul Alan Dowdy, in 2004 where they established their home and family, raising 4 children in the Orlando, FL community. Allison and Paul worked together in his busy orthopedic practice of 21 years until Paul sustained life-altering injuries following a tragic cycling accident in January of 2018 causing them to close his practice. They together discovered and started further researching Astaxanthin as they were searching for high powered antioxidants to help Paul with pain and further healing. As they learned more about the amazing health benefits of Astaxanthin, Allison decided to work with her husband and put his degree in chemistry to work in formulating skincare products using this powerful antioxidant. As they formulated and shared with friends and family, it became evident that the world needed to have access to these amazing products. They believe every step and every challenge in life leads to the next opportunity and the next step in fulfilling our purpose here on this earth. Allison's hope and prayer is that through her journey of drastic change, rediscovery and greater faith, ultimately leading to the creation of X Organic Beauty, you would be inspired to live out your life with the same purpose and intentionality. Take where you've come from, what you've been through, take the next right step and create something beautiful, something that has the power to change lives. That's the ultimate goal here, to change lives and leave a legacy of healthy, truly clean beauty formulas to your lives and your family's lives.